A home inspection report is a snapshot in time of the Home’s physical condition. It indicates what may need major repairs or replacement.  My detailed inspection reports include photos and any material defects I observed on the date/time of the inspection.

Following our Code of Ethics, Best Home Inspections of Florida is dedicated to representing only our Clients.  I always act in good faith toward all parties to the real estate transaction.  I avoid any conflicts of interest by making home inspections the only business. I am not affiliated with any real estate agency or home repair business.  I will not accept any compensation for my services from anyone other than my clients. Any confidential information the report contains will not be disclosed to any other party without the client’s consent. To read the Code of Ethics in its entirety, please visit:

Included free with your home inspection is a 90 day warranty, covered by a limited Structural & Mechanical Warranty that includes items that may breakdown shortly after you move in.

Included free is also a check for recalls on all of the major appliances.  You will receive a report from a National Data Base whether there have been any recalls on any of your appliances or not, and if so, you have the ability to claim for correction/replacement from the manufacturer.